Are Older Man Younger Woman Relationship All Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby?

| Post by David

You may be wondering with all the sugar daddy and sugar baby dating sites whether it is the only type of dating relationship between older men and younger women that is recognized. The answer is that while many relationships involving older men and younger women are along the lines of wealth, not all of them are based in the monetary status of the man or the youth of the woman.

The older man younger woman relationship is one that goes back to the dawn of time. In many cultures, when an older man has lost his wife, he will often marry a younger woman, so she can bear his children. It’s a practice that still goes on today, but in modern terms, there are other reasons why older men and younger women find each other attractive.

What Younger Women Want?

There is little doubt that many younger women find older men who have established themselves financially to be quite attractive. But there are other reasons that play a strong role that younger women want in a relationship with an older man.

Experience: In many cases, the older man has been through what the younger woman has yet to experience in life. This means gaining a knowledge that younger women appreciate and find attractive. Whether the man has been married, raised children, or been through the many other challenges in life, that experience provides confidence and comfort to many younger women who have yet to go through that part of their life.

Maturity: While it’s not always the case that older men are more mature, it is often enough so that younger women can find more confidence and security from the relationship. In part, because older men have been through more in their life combined with learning about how to relate to others, the maturity level tends to be higher which takes away a potential pitfall in the older man younger woman relationship.

What Older Men Want?

It may go without saying that physical attractiveness is one of the qualities that older men seek out when engaging in relationships with younger women. However, to be fair physical beauty is a subjective quality where each man or woman for that matter, will have their own standards. There are other important aspects that older men seek out.

Youth: There is something universally attractive about youth. Probably because it represents the future. Of discovering new things, seeking out new adventures, and engaging in new activities. It’s a strong reason why older men enjoy the company of younger women because they can see their future with them in the same way.

Excitement: The joy of finding someone new and interesting is an exciting prospect for older men. It’s not just the youth, but the energy and excitement that younger women bring which makes getting into a relationship so intriguing.

It’s not every older man younger woman relationship is a sugar daddy sugar baby one, but instead there are far more components that make this type of relationship desirable.

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