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He pays is a dating site that is designed for young attractive women to meet older men and have a measure of control over the income level of the men they meet. When men and women sign up for the site they are allowed to set a minimum amount that a party must have paid into the site in order to be able to contact.

People wanting to meet a member of this website must meet the minimum income or credit level that the person they want to contact stipulates. Since it does cost for every message you send, people are more likely to be seriously interested in getting to know a member when messaging.

As you send messages it costs $0.01 per message and it is deducted from the credits you have. Some of the other features also cost.

Premium Memberships

There is no Premium membership. Each user decides on what amount they want to put on the site, and the amount you pay is not for a monthly subscription, but rather is used for messaging and other features. Which means you can use the site for the fee you pay until you run out of credits. You can then either leave the site or add more money to the site.

We will say that the way this site is set for as far as payment is somewhat confusing.

Mobile Apps for He Pays

We could not find any mobile apps for he pays.


  • No subscription fees the money paid to the site goes for actually contacting other members and other features so you aren't paying a fee and getting nothing out of it.
  • Ability to block members
  • Can actually Skype other users if you have more credits than the users stated minimum.
  • Guaranteed privacy
  • Each message you send only cost $0.01
  • Women can actually filter out men by stating the minimum amount of credit they need to put on the site in order to contact them.

Pros and Cons of He Pays

While it is somewhat confusing to really understand how this site works there are some pros and cons that are pretty obvious.


  • Women are more apt to meet people with a decent income
  • Less scammers will be attracted to this site
  • Easy filter based on income
  • Don't waste subscription money while never communicating with anyone interesting


  • It's a bit confusing to try and understand the financial aspects of the site
  • Not a lot of information regarding successful matches

He Pays is a unique website where young woman can meet men of some financial means for dating and a serious relationship.

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