Why Is It a Good Idea To Date an Older Man?

| Post by David

When many people see a younger woman dating an older man they immediately think that the woman is after the man's money. While this certainly does happen on occasion, most women who date older men do so for reasons that have nothing to do with acquiring wealth and everything to do with wanting a good solid and long lasting relationship. Here are just a few reasons why it is a good idea for younger women to consider dating an older man.

Girls and Young Women Mature Faster Than Boy and Young Men

Science has proved that girls' brains may develop up to 10 years earlier than the brains of their male counterpart. This means that a young woman of 20 or 25 may be ready for a serious relationship while a young man the same age is not looking for anything permanent and still want to sow his wild oats.

Dating an older man can allow a young woman to enjoy the company of someone who is on the same emotional and maturity level as they are.

Older Men Know What They Want

Many women in their early 20s know what they want from a relationship, but a man may not know what he really wants until he is 30 or 35. Dating an older guy means that a young woman can find someone who knows what he wants and is ready to take his relationship to a new level and start a family. He is also mature enough to appreciate a woman for who she is rather than have the view there is some model look alike out there somewhere waiting for him.

Older Men are More Financially Responsible

Many young women who date men their own age constantly complain that the man in life is always asking for money and running short when it comes time to pay their bills. The main reason for this is because younger men are still learning how to financially responsible and more likely to spend their money on useless or unnecessary items on the spur of the moment.

Older men, have all learned how to make their income stretch and are more generally more financially responsible than younger men tend to be. This not only means that an older man can afford to take you out on a real date, but is financially ready to look to the future.

An Older Man is More Supportive of You Than a Younger Man

When you are dating an older man you will find not only that he is more emotionally supportive than younger man is likely to be he is also more supportive your dreams and goals. One of the reasons he is more supportive is because he is usually all ready established in his own career and therefore does not have to be totally focused on his own self and goals, but is simply more emotionally mature and better able to understand that you have your own goals you want to achieve.

These are just a few reasons why it is a good idea for some younger women to date older men.

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